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25 Reasons to Celebrate Birth Control on Thanks Birth Control Day

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What's yours?

It’s that time of year again, where tens of thousands give thanks for any and all things birth control!

If you’re celebrating #ThxBirthControl Day for the first time, this is when people come together to recognize all the positive things that birth control does, helps us do, and makes possible for us. Join us and others on social media all day today using #ThxBirthControl to tell the world why you love birth control and what it’s done for you. Your voice—along with your passion and commitment—will truly make a difference.

There are SO MANY reasons to celebrate birth control, including allowing people to plan for a family on their own terms and timeline and the power to decide their own future. Here are 25 wonderful reasons to be thankful for the birth control in your life.

  1. It can prevent pregnancy.
  2. It can allow you to skip periods.
  3. It can also stop periods altogether.
  4. It can help with period pain.
  5. It can clear acne-prone skin.
  6. It can help you finish school.
  7. It can help you achieve your future goals.
  8. It can help you stay child-free.
  9. It can help you plan your family.
  10. It can help you feel more confident in bed.
  11. It can improve your sex life.
  12. It can support mental health.
  13. It can prevent uterine cancer.
  14. It can reduce your risk of ovarian cancer.
  15. It can protect you from STIs and STDs.
  16. It can also protect you from HPV.
  17. It can help you enjoy sex by protecting you from pregnancy and STIs.
  18. It can protect your ovaries from cysts.
  19. It can treat endometriosis.
  20. It can help with gender dysphoria.
  21. It can support sexual health.
  22. It can boost your vitamin D levels.
  23. It can keep your cervix healthy.
  24. It can give you control.
  25. It can help you be you.

If you need birth control or if you’re interested in learning even more about what birth control can do, make an appointment at your nearest The Right Time health center.

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