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"Tika’s period did get heavier with her IUD, but she doesn’t mind. To her, the benefits outweigh any side effects."
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"The implant is making it possible for Abigail to finish school and be financially and emotionally ready before she has kids."
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"It's usually very assumed that we're gonna need condoms..."
The Pill
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"You could protect yourself better if you pick and choose who you sleep with."
Not Right Now
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"If we’re going to have sex, we need to have this conversation."
Internal Condom
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"The female condom makes me feel in control."
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"Put it in. Have sex. That's basically it."
The Shot
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"Every 3 months I pop in for 10 minutes. Bam. Done."
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"It's kinda like clockwork—he just knows to do it."
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"Our family is something we really planned out."
The Ring
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"It's like a little invisible secret protection plan that I'm on."
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"The spermicide is just something that I do for me."
Fertility Awareness
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"I like that it forces you to get in tune with your own body. "
Emergency Contraception
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"I'm on the ring, but as back up, I use the emergency pill."
Cervical Cap
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"It's not something that has to be put on in exactly the moment."
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Our partner health centers are focused on you. They provide access to all methods of birth control and free or low-cost birth control to those who need it.