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Internal Condom: Testimonials

I was actually homeless a year ago. And I am in school and working a million jobs right now and I have my own place, so I’m pretty happy about that (laughs). I don’t think I want to have more kids. I actually have had a child that I gave up for adoption to my aunt. And childbirth was really cool. I mean, it’s really great. I’m glad that I’m a woman and I could experience it, but I’d really like to take time and focus on myself (laughs). I’m using female condoms because I didn’t really like the shot, didn’t like the pill, didn’t like the patch, didn’t like the Ring. And men are not reliable with condoms. I discovered the female condom when I was getting tested. They were sitting in a big old fishbowl in a clinic, and I’d never seen them before and I thought they were kind of funny. And I took some home, and then I had them sitting there for a while. And then one day I decided that I was going to try one during sex. The female condom, it has like a ring at the top, and you pinch it and you – or you kind of squeeze it and you push it in. And then it goes in your vagina kind of like covering the circumference or whatever of your vagina. And then the end, you kind of put around your actual like hole, and then it comes out like(laughs) – it’s hard to explain, but it prevents it from slipping in while you’re having sex. So it just comes out and covers the outer area. The female condom makes me feel in control because, you know, I’ve had a boyfriend who was really hesitant about using condoms. And when we were about to have sex, he would always try to find ways to not use them. And by the fact that I could put it on and he would have to use – he would have to have sex with me protected, really made me feel like I was in control and – of the whole entire situation. My name is Lindsay and I’m 20 years old, and I use fertility awareness methods. But when I’m fertile, I use female condoms.

Lindsay, 20, Internal Condom

The female condom makes me feel in control.

Since getting pregnant as a teen, Lindsay has tried a lot of birth control. She didn’t like the patch. Not into the ring. Wasn’t a fan of the pill or the shot. And found men to be unreliable with condoms.

These days, fertility awareness methods are what work best for Lindsay. But she also likes to have sex during the fertile times of her cycle, so she needs a back up. Enter: the internal condom (a.k.a. female condom).

Whenever she’s fertile and about to have sex, Lindsay grabs an internal condom and inserts it. Like the male condom, an internal condom protects against STIs. But because it’s in her and not on him, it also helps her feel more control. And we’re all for that.

Internal Condom Testimonials

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