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The Right Time

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  • Birth Control Remains Legal and Available in Missouri

    Your method, your choice.

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  • Where to Get Birth Control

    COVID-19 update: The Right Time health centers are open and offering free or low-cost birth control. Participating health centers also offer telehealth appointments and home delivery of birth control. Follow the link below for more information.

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  • What is Sexual Health, and How Can Birth Control Support It?

    "Sexual health" is an important part of our physical and emotional health.

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  • Can Birth Control Support Mental Health?

    You bet it can!

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The Right Time Health Centers

Map of The Right Time Clinics.

Our partner health centers are focused on you. They provide access to all methods of birth control and free or low-cost birth control to those who need it.

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Can Birth Control Help with Gender Dysphoria?

Finding a health care provider who will support transgender and nonbinary people on both their gender and birth control journeys is very important.

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What is Telehealth, Exactly?

Some The Right Time health centers now offer remote appointments.

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How to Figure Out Which IUD is for You

Which one is the answer to your birth control prayers? 

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