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Here’s How Birth Control Can Be Romantic

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Birth control is sometimes seen on TV or in movies as an interruption to romance. Comedies really like to make fun of the frantic, last-minute search for a condom before a hookup.

But if romance is about putting thoughtfulness into love, then remembering protection for sex can be a very romantic gesture. Birth control communicates that you care (both for your own health and your partner’s), which is pretty sexy if you think about it. Someone thinking about your needs and being considerate of them? Uh, sign us up. (It also shows that they’ve been thinking about having sex with you, which is also hot.)

Letting your partner know that you’re thinking about sex with them when you’re apart can ratchet up the anticipation. No matter what method of birth control you’re on (reminder that you can get all the methods of contraception for free or at a low-cost at your nearest The Right Time health center), there are ways you can make it sexy. If you’re on the pill, you can send a sext when you take it to let your lover know you’re getting ready for some action later. Or, you can even have your partner send you a steamy reminder to take it. If you wear a birth control patch and you like sending selfies, the sight of that little square on your skin can be as much of a turn on as showing off your underwear.

If spontaneity rather than forethought turns you on, there are ways you can keep birth control surprising. You can stash contraceptives around your house where you and your partner might get a little frisky. You can also make putting on a male condom or inserting a contraceptive sponge part of your foreplay ritual. Sensual touch can turn an ordinary act into something exciting.

Birth control plays an important part of a fulfilling and fun sex life. You don’t have to scatter an assortment of flavored condoms like petals across the bed—although it’s totally cool if you do—but your own brand of creativity is always romantic. Make your contraception part of the funny, sweet, spicy, or passionate sexual experiences you already intend to have. Birth control doesn’t have to interrupt romance if you let it help you get where you want to go.

Updated January 2022

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