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Why are More Women Choosing the IUD and the Implant for Birth Control?

oh the patients without a doubt the patients are amazing it's amazing to me in a day to see a 15 year old who's coming in making the decision of when or if she wants child and then the next room there's gonna be a forty five-year-old who knows she doesn't want any more children and then I'm gonna see a man and then I'm gonna see a trans man and every day is different but everybody has a story to bring and so my days go really really fast they're very full. misinformation is a huge barrier there's a lot of misinformation from family members or what I heard on the internet or what someone said at school and so I have a lot of young women come in not really knowing what their options are with that so I I think misinformation is one of the biggest problems and barriers getting to the clinic can be a barrier having the privacy the ability to get contraception can be a barrier paying for that that contraception can be a huge barrier not only through financially supporting the patients but for having that information out there a reputable source an easy source to get to that patients can get medically factual information about their own bodies and their own healthcare it's pretty amazing I helped a young girl I think she was 15 or 16 and she wanted a Paragard IUD that IUD is gonna be good for 12 years to think of what she could do in 12 years she'll graduate high school she'll graduate college she could be in the middle of an internship for medical school before she had to think about whether or not she wanted to get pregnant so to sit her down and have that bigger talk not just you're not going to have a baby today but what could you do with that time that you have here that that made a big impact on her and then she tells her friends and they tell their friends and then more and more people come in and have that power given back to them I think as more young women are able to choose those methods and have success with them where to mouth goes out like crazy so instead of having just antidotal stories from Grandma about how horrible that thing in the arm was now we have these young women who are saying oh I have that and it's great oh I've tried that and it's great so the more people that are on social media and the more people spread that positive information out there it's just going to be more and more popular 

Good news travels fast.

Carla Lantz, of Planned Parenthood Southwest Missouri, says it has to do with women sharing their successes using those methods with other women. Whether it's on social media or in real life, when IUD or implant users are able to share the positive experiences they've had with these methods, the more other patients are encouraged to try them. 

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