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Who Can Visit a The Right Time Health Center?

one of the first things I say is I'm like okay so I know you're here interested in birth control tell me what you've heard like what do you know about let's just kind of go from there what do you want in a method and a lot of times it might be like oh I've heard about birth control pills and condoms um depo is gonna make me gain a bunch of weight implants and IUDs are really dangerous they're gonna cause me to be infertile things like that and I'm like that's really good to like start getting this idea of the knowledge from you so now let's unpack all of this and that's such a rewarding thing to be able to help alleviate some fears and talk about the method that's really gonna be best for them then they still might have some reservations here and there like for example with the implant it's like you know I just don't want anything inserted in my arm and it's like that's fine if that's something that's not for you but let's find you know what's for you what are you looking for in pregnancy prevention what are you looking for and bleeding patterns what's your commitment to be able to do it like are you someone who can come in every three months are you with someone who wants to set it and forget and not really worry about it so I would say that once we really kind of start talking there is a lot of opening up and I think we do alleviate a lot of reservations that people have about birth control methods I think the right time is our really exciting and really cool initiative because we have patients again they come in from like every economic background things like that all of their kind of life experiences are very different we are seeing them from you know the beginning of their reproductive age the middle of it towards the end of it we are seeing them kind of across the scope being able to be part of the right time to be able to help empower someone wherever they are in their life and be like hey we're here to talk about your birth control but hey we're also here to talk to you about the fact that this birth control no matter what you pick is going to be no cost to you out of these methods that's such a cool thing to be able to see their response and see their reaction and think I can pick what method I want and I don't have to worry about these cost barriers to be able to do it and I think that's such an exciting thing that we have seen with the right time side-effects is such a big thing because again when we talk to people they might have very preconceived notions that again they could have gotten anywhere from my social media will be such a big one searching YouTube videos maybe conversations with family members things like that and I think the most important thing is first to validate those concerns and that's one thing we see because those concerns stemmed from somewhere and then we try it we go from there into the side effects of like this is the reality of it or this is the actual kind of side effect with it when we provide this counseling we want to give you the most accurate information about the pros and the cons with the method - so you do know what you're walking away with with the method you might find something that's not really the right method for you and that's completely okay something else might be the right method for you that's always again another thing that we like to kind of verify with people is you know your best friend might love her implant but your body might be a little bit different from your best friend so you might not have the same reaction to the implant and that's okay we'll find the method that's going to end up working best for you regardless of the journey it takes to get there when you come to us you're gonna get comprehensive evidence-based care when you come to a trt health center you're seeing providers who really care about you they want to get to know you they want to get to know the method that's gonna be best for you you're gonna learn about those methods I think that's such a huge point that I really want to emphasize is you don't always learn about all those methods unfortunately I didn't learn about them until I was in my early twenties and that's that's really a disservice to do to people but then also again you have that no cost as well too so I think those are some huge benefits to coming to a TRT health center

Spoiler alert: anyone can.

Kristin Palovic, of Contraceptive Choice Center, says anyone can! Regardless of your socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation or age, The Right Time health centers are there to help everyone with their birth control needs, no matter what they are.

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