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When Should You “Double Up” on Birth Control?

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There are lots of reasons people use two methods of birth control.

Getting two orders of French fries for yourself is always a good idea. Buying a backup pair of your favorite jeans? Also a pretty smart thing to do. How about using two methods of birth control instead of one? Turns out, yet another good idea!

Knowing that no method of contraception is 100% effective, some people choose to “double up” on their birth control, or use “the buddy system” to get as much pregnancy prevention as possible. This involves using two methods instead of one, and it’s perfectly safe! (That said, using two condoms or two internal condoms together is not recommended.)

There are several reasons why using two methods of birth control is something to consider. For answers to your specific questions about birth control, make an appointment to talk to a provider at your nearest The Right Time health center.

Reason #1: You want to be protected against STIs as well as from pregnancy. Methods like the IUD and the implant are incredibly convenient and extremely effective at reducing the chances of pregnancy. However, they do not protect against STIs. The solution here is to use two methods at once: one that protects against pregnancy and condoms that protect against STIs.

Reason #2: You like the current method you are using for pregnancy prevention, but also want the benefits of taking a different method. For instance, Cat loves her IUD because it provides her with years of pregnancy prevention and stress-free sex, all without the inconvenience of a period. But she also loves her pill because it helps her manage her acne! (If you want to learn about the additional benefits of using birth control, ask a The Right Time provider.)

Reason #3: You like your current method, but you want added protection if/when something goes wrong. For example, if you get your birth control through the mail, there’s always a chance it won’t arrive on time (lots of people use the mail, after all!). You may consider using a second type of birth control (such as emergency contraception) so you’re still protected if you miss a few days of your primary method because it got delayed in transit.

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