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What Does "Same Day Birth Control" Mean?

so insurance might only say we'll only pay for your peels but you might want the next plan I'd and they're not gonna pay that so it leaves you up against the wall where it's like okay now I have no choice but to get these peels having them all available in the insane day that's what makes it so wonderful because now you're having the option to select every method that's out there regardless of what you were told once before but you're also being able to walk away with that method on that day and so that's the goal that we're really trying to work on it's not only giving them the opportunity to choose all the different methods but to say that hey at this appointment I walked away with that method that's the thing if you're telling me that I can get what I want and I don't have to pay for it that's it that's golden I mean I just had a patient last week that came in with her copay in hand and when I told her no you get to keep that she was so ecstatic she didn't believe me you know she was like are you serious like yes because she's been paying for it so long for so long and I'm like yeah you know go get you your baby something to eat go treat yourself go do something you know you don't have to pay for this and this is something that you can look forward to whenever you come here now we're gonna make sure that you no longer have to pay for this,

It's an important part of the care patients receive at The Right Time health centers.

As Derica Jones, of Betty Jean Kerr People's Health Centers, explains, "same day birth control" means any patient can walk into a The Right Time health center, choose a method of birth control, and leave with their method that very same day. There's no waiting involved.

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