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What are The Goals of The Right Time?

if you're looking at really specifically like what the quantitative like official goal is, we want to see a reduction of 10% in in the unintended pregnancy rate over the next six years of the initiative in Missouri, just really changing the conditions and the ability for women around the state no matter what their background is, no matter what their demographic characteristics are, what part of the state they live in, that they're able to have the same chances to get the contraceptives that they need and to have the information that they need to be able to take control and make decisions and just really have access to that same opportunity to kind of direct where their life is going. just taking that really broad perspective and looking at an issue from all these different angles to really have a comprehensive effort as kind of how at least the Missouri foundation for health, we try to look that way, at a lot of the different initiatives we take on but I think that really important piece around you know we're calling it supply you know with the supply with the clinics and the capacity of the clinics, demand, kind of increasing the information and knowledge about options and where to access that and then looking at the environment as well I'm kind of like the structural barriers that are in the way in terms of policy and what advocacy efforts need to happen so that we're kind of looking at it from all the different angles and really addressing it. well if you're 23 and you don't really have much information you know you haven't really dealt with this topic before but you want to know how to protect yourself what your options are you can go to a right time health center they'll be able to kind of use a patient's in our counseling model to really understand what your needs are and ask the questions of what you know what your goals are and what you know what you want for your life and ask about your intention to get pregnant and then be able to share all like the most accurate information of all the contraceptive options that you have including the most effective but not necessarily guiding you know in one direction or another but able to provide that that 23 year old with the option to get whatever they want hopefully that day without having to make another trip back to the you know the health Center and hopefully with little to no money on a pocket if you know if you're uninsured if you're underinsured the right time health centers we're still going to be able to help you.

And what will success look like?

Alyssa Curran, of Missouri Foundation for Health, says the initiative seeks to make all the methods of birth control accessible to Missouri residents.

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