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The Ring: Birth Control 101

the birth control ring is a small flexible ring that you put in your vagina to help prevent pregnancy. it releases hormones that prevent ovulation and block sperm from getting to the egg. you need a prescription to get the ring and you have to stick to a schedule for it to work. it's pretty simple: put it in for three weeks and take it out during the fourth then start over again with a new ring. the ring uses a lower dose of hormones than other methods so you may have fewer side effects but some women experience spotting, sore breasts or nausea. it doesn't protect against sexually transmitted infections so make sure to use a condom too. it's totally private and easy to use, kind of like putting in a tampon, and you don't have to remember to take it every day. get free or low-cost birth control at a nearby the right time health center in missouri. no insurance? no problem. visit for more information.

Everything you need to know about the ring in less than a minute.

The ring is a small, flexible device that you put into your vagina, where it releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. You leave it in for three weeks, then remove it the fourth week. It’s invisible, and really effective when you use it on time each month.

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