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Pregnancy: Birth Control 101

pregnancy begins with sperm and an egg. millions of microscopic sperm cells are formed in the testicles and mixed with fluids to make semen. every month one egg is released from the ovaries and travels through your fallopian tube. if semen gets into your vagina during sex, the sperm swim up your cervix into the uterus and then into your fallopian tubes. sperm can survive six days and it only takes one cell to get you pregnant. if the sperm reaches and fertilizes the egg, the egg then divides into more cells as it moves towards your uterus. if these cells attach to the wall of your uterus, you're pregnant. get free or low cost birth control at a nearby the right time health center in missouri. no insurance? no problem. visit the for more information.

Everything you need to know about pregnancy in less than a minute.

Pregnancy begins with sperm and an egg. If sperm gets into your vagina during sex, it travels up to the fallopian tubes in search of an egg. If it fertilizes an egg and the egg attaches to your uterus’s lining, you’re pregnant.

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