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How Does The Right Time Help People in Missouri?

You know, knowing that supporting health centers and at the end of the day we're giving people options, that they're getting power over their lives to plan for their futures. You know, health centers is that the educators and the providers, they're saying let's talk about all of them, let's talk about what's important to you in a method, let's talk about your wants, your hopes, your dreams, what you're looking for and really helping to walk through and take the time to match what is going to work best for you and at the end of the day, like every patient's in power -- that this is your decision and there's no right or wrong answer here. To really take out that judgment that so many people have felt when they walk in health centers that they should be doing this and if they're not doing this they're doing something wrong and so that the providers are going in that they don't have an agenda, the agenda is to do what is right for for you as the patient and so the patient gets to decide. The role that we get to play is to really sort of take that off the table to try and help even the playing field and so that's what's really rewarding for me -- is you know, the hoping that we are increasing equity across the stage. So I think there's barriers in two forms. One it's the barrier of education and there are so many myths regarding contraception that are out there and so empowering health centers to make sure that they are giving full and accurate information to every patient, sort of standardizing their counseling in order to take out biases so that every patient really receives, you know, the highest quality education that they can. But then the other barrier, which I think is a real barrier, is cost and that contraceptive methods aren't inexpensive and so and that a lot of people make decisions based on what they can afford versus what they really want and would work best for their lives. And so I think taking that off the table and that then people can fully make decisions that are right for them.

The Right Time is committed to helping the people of Missouri. But how?

More specifically, what are the advantages of visiting The Right Time health centers? Free birth control to those who need it, for starters. Michelle Trupiano, Executive Director of Missouri Family Health Council, explains. 

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Our partner health centers are focused on you. They provide access to all methods of birth control and free or low-cost birth control to those who need it.