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Four Women on How Birth Control is Helping Them Win Their Future

woman in a brown sweater with brown hair being interviewed about her birth control

Birth control can help you focus on your goals..

For some of us, the nine-to-five grind is a much more comfortable speed than ‘round-the-clock parenting—at least for now. For others, babies aren’t in the picture at all.  

Luckily, no matter what your goals are in terms of family, education, and career, birth control has your back. In the videos below, four women talk about how their method is helping them make their dreams a reality. And for free or low-cost access to all the methods of birth controlvisit your nearest The Right Time health center

Danielle, The Pill and Not Right Now 

“If I had a child right now, I would have to put my life on hold.” Thanks to birth control, Danielle is able to pursue her dream of becoming a clinical psychologist. 

Brittany, IUD 

Brittany has some big goals she’d like to accomplish before having kids. She’s happy with her choice of the Paragard IUD and thinks of it as a long-term investment that’s sure to pay off. 

Abigale, Implant 

Abigale works at a health clinic and is studying to be a nurse. The implant is making it possible for her to finish school and be financially and emotionally ready before she has kids. 

Johanna, IUD 

As a nursing student, Johanna’s life is incredibly hectic—when she’s not in class, she’s volunteering at a health clinic, running, or spending time with friends. Thanks to her Paragard IUD, birth control is one less thing Johanna has to think about. 


Updated June 2021 

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