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Can You Change Your Mind About Your IUD or Implant?

so we would have patients that would come in and we would say hey yes we can do birth control these are the options and they're like oh well I have don't have insurance I can't afford that well this cuts that out the other thing that I have found is it has allowed us to provide same-day insertion so if they come in for an IUD we can do it today or they come in for a next month we can do it today so that is kind of one of the biggest benefits like that I said I didn't realize that we were gonna get all of this from this program we just like oh this is gonna help with birth control but we didn't realize to the what extent when we are providing the options it's really all about where they're out in their lives so I think the LARC methods those long-acting reversible contraception are becoming more popular because they're maintenance-free we stick them in and then you're good for anywhere from three to five to ten years depending on which method you choose and I think that those will be becoming more popular it does not have to stay for the full duration because like I said things change in your life and let's say that we have put in a lark method that lasts five years and you are married and you come back in into your does it hey we're gonna have a baby we can take it out and then there's no issues with that at all and there's no way time to get pregnant like it's right when it's gone you have a risk of getting pregnant

Hint: Of course!

Say you went to a The Right Time health center and got the IUD or the implant but you change your mind and you want a different method. What then? Debby Carl, from the Fordland Clinic, explains what comes next.

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