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Can I Get Pregnant If...? Part 3

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Any time that semen is in or near the vagina it is possible to get pregnant.

Questions about if, when, and how a person can get pregnant are super common. Previously, we’ve covered some questions about specific sex acts that can lead to pregnancy as well as the likelihood of pregnancy in various circumstances. For this third installment we’re answering five more questions. For answers to your specific questions about preventing pregnancy, make an appointment to talk to a provider at your nearest The Right Time health center

Can I get pregnant if I’ve been on birth control for a while? 

Your chance of getting pregnant is the same whether you've been on your birth control for two weeks or two years. Some methods may take up to seven days to be effective in preventing pregnancy if you start them in the middle of a cycle. Similarly, it’s possible to get pregnant as soon as you stop using most methods, which is why it’s so important to use birth control consistently if you do not want to get pregnant.  

While having no period is a common side effect for some birth control, it doesn't mean the chance of getting pregnant is any different after you stop using your method.  

Can I get pregnant if I missed a pill/was late with my shot/forgot to put on a new patch on time? 

Depending on what type of pill you are taking and where you are in your pack, your chance of getting pregnant and what to do next varies.

If it’s been more than 15 weeks since you had your last shot, it won’t be effective at preventing pregnancy; you should use a back-up method, such as condoms, until you can get your shot and for seven days after you get it.

If you use the patch and you’re more than two days late to change it (or put on a new one), put on a new patch as soon as you remember and use a back-up method such as condoms for seven days after putting on the new patch. 

Can I get pregnant if I pee after having sex? 

Yes. Any time that semen is in or near the vagina it is possible to get pregnant. This means that if you’re not using birth control there is a possibility of pregnancy even if you use the bathroom afterwards. Peeing after sex also does not change your chances of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI); use a condom or internal condom to help protect yourself from STIs. 

While peeing after sex won’t prevent pregnancy or protect you from STIs, it’s still a good idea as it can help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

Can I get pregnant if it’s my first time having penetrative sex/my hymen didn’t break? 

Yes. Anytime there is semen inside or around the vagina, pregnancy is possible even if you’ve never had your period before or if you have never had sex. This is true even if your hymen (the thin fleshy tissue that stretches across part of the opening to the vagina) didn’t break.  

If you don’t want to get pregnant right now, you can reduce the worry factor with one of the many birth control options that are available for free or at a low-cost at your nearest The Right Time health center

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