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Sponge: Testimonials

in five years I see myself as a Chicago police officer or either an Oak Park police officer which is really what I want to do and about ten years from now I see myself still being a police officer but raising enough money or saving up enough money to build up a homeless shelter. I chose the sponge because a friend of mine recommended it to me and she was telling me that she was telling me about the other methods that she had used and how this one was was the sponge was much better so I went ahead and I tried the sponge. I was on depo first and then I wanted a pill then I wanted a sponge. I went to Planned Parenthood and I got the sponges from there they were free and I've enjoyed them ever since. I think the major reason for not telling my boyfriend I use the sponge is that I think that he'll think that I'm weird by inserting something inside of me and by him knowing that it's there his penis filling in and he I'm gonna get to the point of telling him but I just I'm just not comfortable with telling him right now because I don't want him to think that I'm weird with using this because it's something that I've just started using myself. after using a sponge I my cramps are not as bad as they were when I was on the depo I don't bleed heavy I have a normal period three to five days. I feel confident in the sponge. my name is Sonja I'm 28 and I use the sponge.

Sonya, 28, Sponge

Sonya started out on the pill and then tried the shot. But since she wasn’t happy with either of those methods, she decided to try the sponge once a friend recommended it. It didn’t hurt that her clinic gave her a bunch for free. 

Because the sponge is still new to her, Sonya hasn’t yet told her boyfriend about the switch. She plans to tell him soon but thinks he might find it weird that she puts something inside herself. 

Sponge Testimonials

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