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Internal Condom: Testimonials

I’m excited about being 21. I just want to go party. I’m excited. I want to go to Vegas. I want to like travel to Miami. I want to do a bunch of traveling. So that’s what I’m excited about, just actually – I’ve got a new job, so to save and go shop and go travel. I always, always worry about pregnancy. I got off the Depo because I felt like I was gaining weight from it. So I didn’t know – I got on the pill and I completely forgot how, like, you know, to take them every day, and I messed up. One day I took like five of them, because I’m crazy. And then I– I was like, I have to stop this. I went to Planned Parenthood and they asked me what kind of birth control am I using, and they asked me if I would like free samples of the woman’s condom. And I said why not, you know? Something different – I’ve used everything else. The first time I used the women’s condom was at the beach. I was with me and my boyfriend. We’re under the – on the sand, you know. The stars are up and nice and we wanted to have sex But I didn’t want to have sex, because I was like, there’s no condoms. What are we going to do? Then I remembered just a couple of days before that I went to Planned Parenthood and they offered me a bunch of free samples of the women’s condom. So I was like, oh, bingo! I know what to do. So I went up – I went up the mountain to get the condom, and I got a few of them, because I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen. So while I was on the beach I had a – opened a few of them just to figure out what – how to use it. It looked kind of funny. It’s two rings on each side, so I was just like, well, what – what is this? So I tried to put it in me. The first time I was like, okay, there’s a little bit of sand on it, so I was like, oh, I’ve got to take this out. Got to not use this one. So the next one I use, I asked my boyfriend like, “How are we supposed to do this?” He tried to give me his input. I tried to put my input. And about the third time it finally worked. I realized, oh, okay, this is going this way and that’s going that way. After sex, I go straight to the bathroom. So I don’t take it off in my room. I go straight to the bathroom and I sit on the toilet and then take it off like you would take out a tampon. But other than just pulling it, I just try to go in and just take the circle part out so all the cum comes out with it, so it’s like a little baggie. I remember to use a woman’s condom because I want to prevent pregnancy. And I think in my head without something going in me, without being protected, it’s going to get me pregnant. So that stops me right there and it makes me want to run to the nearest women’s condom or to the male condom. Any kind of condom. Okay. My name’s Anastasia, and I’m 21 years old. And I use women’s condoms.

Anastasia, 21, Internal Condom

I always, always worry about pregnancy.

The first time Anastasia used an internal condom, she and her boyfriend were on the beach, under the stars. (Sigh.) She had been given some samples at a clinic just a few days before and decided this was the time to try them out.

Anastasia had to open a few packs before figuring out exactly how they work (and because the first one got sand in it—youch!), but eventually she got the hang of it. Now she’s a pro at putting them in. And at taking them out without making a mess.

(We can help you figure out how to use them, too, but it still might take a couple tries. Just be patient and stick with it. And maybe try them out when there’s no sand around!)

Internal Condom Testimonials

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