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Withdrawal: Testimonials

What frustrates me is money. You know, not having enough money all the time. Because I have a job that is based only on commission, sometimes I don’t land sales, so, you know, I don’t make my money. And I do work per hour, but there’s not enough job. And so it’s pretty hard to – like to keep up with paying bills, buying food if you want to eat good. It’s hard. I try pills for birth control. I was on them for like three months. At first it was hard to get used to them because it hurt my stomach. I feel like nausea. I didn’t like that at all. And then I also used to experience like mood swings. Not as much, but you know, I didn’t – I wasn’t comfortable with that. However, I continue use them, and what I didn’t like was that I have to pay for them, too. Two months after we started having sex, We decided to stop using the condoms, both of us pretty much. Not because we were out of condoms or nothing like that. It was because of comfort, you know, and because we thought about it and how it would make sense. And if both of us can do it, then is logical and not spend money. And of course not get pregnant, because that’s the big point, right? That’s the most important reason. In Spanish, the withdrawal method doesn’t have a name or like – like a translation. But we will say, “Remember to pull it out.” And I will say in Spanish, “(speaks Spanish). Si?” That’s the way I will say it sometimes, yeah. (Laughs) But you know, it’s all good, because we love each other, and we’re not afraid of sharing what we think, you know. So – and we don’t think it interferes with the moment (laughs). We’re very mature about that. We have experienced our sexual lives together, so we know what it is and we’re not immature. We don’t get bothered from any other things that happen around us, or doing it. As soon as he satisfies us, and it doesn’t get me pregnant. I am Jenny. I am 26 years old, and I use the withdrawal method.

Jenny, 26, Withdrawal

We don't think it interferes with the moment.

After trying the pill and condoms, Jenny and her boyfriend decided that they would start practicing withdrawal instead.

Money is a constant concern for Jenny, so she likes that they don’t have to pay anything to pull out. But she also know it only makes sense as birth control if they do it correctly. So far, so good.

It helps that they’ve been together a long time and are very open with each other. She’s not afraid to remind him of what he needs to do. And he has no problem doing it. For them, it doesn’t interrupt the moment; it’s part of the moment. And the benefit of pulling out in time far outweighs the cost.

Withdrawal Testimonials

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