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Sterilization: Side Effects, Benefits and FAQs

Side Effects

The Positive

  • Have all the sex you want without ever worrying about pregnancy
  • Do it once, and never have to think about it again
  • No hormones introduced into your body

The Negative

  • A very rare risk that your tubes may reconnect themselves—which could lead to a pregnancy
  • Possible complications with surgery, like bleeding, infection or a reaction to anesthesia


  • How long will it take to heal after sterilization?

    If you have a laparoscopy, you may be sore for a few days. 

  • Which sterilization procedure is right for me?

    There are two types of permanent sterilization procedures for women: surgical and non-surgical. Within the surgical category, there are a few different options as well. Individual choice depends on preference and any medical conditions that may affect surgery risk. Talk with your health care provider to see which procedure is right for you.

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