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Sponge: Testimonials

I do have a boyfriend, and we’ve been together three years. And he graduated from the University of Michigan. He and I, we met each other through tutoring. I decided to switch over because I lost my healthcare insurance, and every month the birth control pills was costing me $60 a month because I didn’t have a prescription for it. And so that was very costly to have contraceptive, and so I decided to switch over to the sponge. What I love about the sponge is that it’s very easy to use and very comfortable. But I think what I love most about the sponge is that it has a 24-hour window that you can use it. And so I can have intercourse, you know, as many times as I like in that 24-hour window period, and that’s the best perk for me. What I don’t like about the sponge is that it is kind of pricey. You know, there’s only three sponges in one pack, and it could range from $11, $12 to $16, $17, depending on what store you go buy them, depending if there’s a sale or no sale. But it’s always just three sponges in one pack. My name is Natalia and I’m 27 years old. And I use the sponge as a form of contraceptive.

Natalia, 27, Sponge

The biggest perk is the 24-hour window.

Natalia was on the pill, but then she lost her health insurance. She had to start paying $60 a month out of pocket and after a while, it was just too much.

Natalia decided to switch to the sponge, a method she could get without a prescription. She likes that it’s easy to use and comfortable.

She’s spending less than she was on the pill, but Natalia still finds the sponge to be a bit pricey. There’s a perk, though, that makes the cost of the sponge a little more tolerable. Natalia can wear one for 24 hours and have sex as many times as she wants. In other words, the more she does it, the more cost effective each sponge becomes!

Sponge Testimonials

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