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"Not Right Now": Testimonials

Right now I’m a student at VSM, so I’m just taking my general ed. And I’m hoping to major in creative writing, because I love to write. I want to be an author or maybe an English teacher. But probably international. I’m sick of U.S. I decided to not have sex, one, because I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t usually have sex with someone unless they’re my boyfriend. And two, I just got out of a relationship, so I’m not exactly looking for anyone right now. I’m kind of like I don’t want anything. So it’s actually pretty easy for me not to have sex right now. Sometimes I’m not so trusting, because I’ve had guys in the past say, “Oh, yeah, you know, I love you,” and then as soon as we have sex, they’re like, “All right, bye.” It’s like, “What? What about you loved me?” kind of thing. You know, I have to get to know them, because before, I was kind of naive and didn’t get to know them as well as I should have and ended up getting screwed over. I didn’t exactly listen to my gut feeling telling me, oh, wow, there are lots of like negative things about this guy. Why are you looking past all of them and just trying to find like the two, maybe one positive thing about him kind of thing? Those were the ones that didn’t work out. I mean, now I realize to listen to my gut. I have a friend that I just met, and he really, really likes me right now. And he’s like,you know, “Why won’t you give me a chance?” And I’m like, “You’re a boy. That’s why. You were born a boy, so I’m not giving you a chance.” And I feel bad. But I mean, he’s really cute and I like him, but it’s only been, what is it, May and it’s October now, so it’s only been a few months since I broke up with my last boyfriend. And I know I’m not ready, and I know even if I did give him a chance, it wouldn’t be fair to him. So, I mean, tempting, but I have self control. I guess I’ll know I’m ready to have sex again once I’m over all these like post-breakup feelings. I was hurt, so right now I’m kind of bitter, to be honest. I’m also moving in three months, so I don’t want to start anything right now that I’m not going to, you know, follow through with, I guess. I don’t want to start liking someone and be like, “Oh, I’m leaving. Okay, bye.” So, and then once I get over there, I don’t know, I’d just kind of like a fresh start. I don’t know if I’m going to meet somebody new. I mean if I do and it’s the right guy, you know, maybe I’ll reconsider not being abstinent any more. But for now the choice is what’s right for me. I’m Savannah. And I’m 18, and right now I’m not having sex. So I’m practicing abstinence.

Savannah, 18, Not Right Now

For now, the choice is what's right for me.

A few months after a bitter break up, Savannah is currently saying “not right now.” She tends to not have casual hook-ups and isn’t looking for a new relationship yet, so, really, it’s pretty easy for her to avoid having sex.

She’ll soon move to a new city and she’s ready for the fresh start. If she meets Mr. Right when she gets there, then maybe she’ll reconsider her choice. But for now, she’s not letting anything get in the way of getting over Mr. Wrong.

"Not Right Now" Testimonials

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