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"Not Right Now": Testimonials

last year around this time I was at a doctor and I had like everything wrong with me everything you could think of. I had a urinary tract infection I had a yeast infection I found out I had a sexually transmitted disease, it was horrible it was horrible. I saw myself like I need to change for real and plus before that I was dating people, not really dated them but I was kind of out there with the guys and I said this is not healthy and I don't want to wind up pregnant I don't want to wind up having HIV or anything that's you know I can't get rid of that's what I promised myself that now I need to change I need to change something quick I need to change the way I think about myself and how other people how I let other people treat me so instead of trying to find the right person I needto be the right person I have a boyfriend right now kind of he's so he's supposed to be going off to the Navy kind of worried about that not really worried but anxious to see what what happened with us it was I already making decision that I don't wanna have sex that didn't have to happen because I already made that decision for myself and he did as well so it just worked out just try not to put ourselves in that invite in like an environment where it's easy to do it you know like by ourselves at night with no one else I was away and so I married I don't know if that's possible it gets hard yeah so I'm hoping like that he's the person that I marry but I know he's not pressuring me so I'm not really worried about it sometimes you don't know why you go through the things you go through until you go through it and then you look back like wow I needed that I made it it was hard but I needed that so that the next time I come to that you know come to that point in my life was something similar I know what to do my name is Norelle I'm 22 years old and I'm not having sex

Norelle, 22, Not Right Now

"I needed to change the way I think about myself."

Norelle and her serious boyfriend have made the decision to say “not right now.” It’s not that they don’t have urges; they just avoid putting themselves in the position to act on them. And for now, that’s what works for them.

"Not Right Now" Testimonials

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