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What is Inclusive Health Care?

young bipoc female sitting on table in an exam room, talking to a provider in a white coat

With inclusive health care, everyone wins.

The providers at The Right Time health centers are dedicated to making the health care environment feel inclusive for every patient who walks through their doors. Regardless of someone’s race or ethnicity, their sexual orientation or gender identity, their age or religion, and any physical or intellectual disabilities they may have, everyone deserves care that makes them feel supported, and that their best interests are at the heart of the care they receive.

Inclusive health care centers on the idea that by making accommodations, removing barriers, and providing informed and sensitive care, we can improve the health outcomes for all people.  

Inclusive health care is also about recognizing that we are all individuals with individual needs, and that the right care for one person will not necessarily be the right care for another, even if they share the same sexual orientation or skin color.  

The Right Time is working to help ensure that all patients at all health centers experience equality and inclusion when they are seeking medical care. To learn more about what this means, make an appointment to talk to a provider at your nearest The Right Time health center. 

What does inclusive care look like? 

There is no one way to make care inclusive for everyone. However, three hallmarks of inclusive care include:  

Welcoming spaces: Inclusive care has physical spaces that are accessible to people of all abilities. The staff working in inclusive spaces should reflect the same types of diverse groups of people seeking care. 

Accessible materials: Inclusive materials may have large print, be available in multiple languages, use appropriate language (inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations), and be culturally sensitive.  

Values all patients: Inclusive care includes patients in the decision-making process and takes patients’ concerns into account. Whenever possible, those providing care should work alongside patients, not against them, in their decision-making process. 

With inclusive health care, everyone wins.  

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