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Mandi, 21, The Pill

I'm going to school full-time for diagnostic sonography so basically I want to be an ultrasound tech and work in an OBGYN office condoms I use for protection not only against you know getting pregnant but also contracting like STDs because you never know who your partner has been with so if I'm not in a serious relationship and it's just something casual I will stick to condoms and seasonique but if I'm in a committed relationship like now that I do not use a condom I do take seasonique daily and I do not forget I leave it in my purse and I want to hear your jingle like I remember to take it the cents you get three months in one pack it comes in a plastic container which is this and you have to open it and then it's month by month month 1 month 2 and 1 3 you can take off the plastic part I mean the part where the pills come but not the plastic part so you still here regardless and that's how I remember taking it plus it's really big and it's kind of cute so I remember they take it like that the reason why I like Susan E is because when I get my period it's only four times a year it actually does control my breakouts cuz I don't like breaking out because you know at work I have to wear a lot of makeup and have to look good so I don't like pimples at all pimples are disgusting and also it controls my moodiness and my bloating as well what I don't like about seasonique is they have a ticket every day but I mean you want to be protected and you want something to be effective so you're going to need to take every day but other than that I have no complaints about seasonique my name is Mandy I'm 21 and I use the full form of seasonique

If it's casual, it's the pill AND condoms.

When Mandi is in a serious relationship, she takes the pill. When she’s not in a serious relationship, she still takes the pill. She doesn’t break up with her birth control routine just because she’s broken up with a partner. But when she’s not in a committed relationship, Mandi also uses condoms for STI protection. Always.

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