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Elsa, 25, IUD

"It’s hassle-free. You don’t have to deal with it for a decade."

After Elsa had her son, her provider recommended the Paragard IUD. She had it inserted postpartum and experienced a little spotting, but that stopped. Now she’s noticed that her periods are lighter than before. She really likes how easy her IUD is. There’s nothing to remember, no ongoing medical appointments, no shots to get or refills to worry about. It’s just a one-time thing and it’s good for 12 years or until you want to have a baby.

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    Tika, IUD

    Tika’s period did get heavier with her IUD, but she doesn’t mind. To her, the benefits outweigh any side effects.

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    Mary Lide, IUD

    Mary Lide will tell you honestly that her Mirena IUD insertion included 15 seconds of “ouchy pain,” but she says it was worth it for the five years of continual birth control.

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    Abigail, 19, Implant

    The implant is making it possible for Abigail to finish school and be financially and emotionally ready before she has kids.

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    Jannette, 29, IUD

    "Birth control…for a woman it’s like revolutionary."

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