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Kristin, 26, The Patch

I just graduated from law school and I took the bar exam and I'm currently waiting for remarks and results and while I'm doing that I'm working for an attorney who has had me do some research for a case the type of birth control that I prefer is the patch which is brand name ortho Evra I started using that because the first method of birth control I tried wasn't till and I tried that in college and I felt like it made me look really emotional and that made me gain weight which could be false because at the same time I was studying abroad in Italy and eating a lot of pasta I found out about the patch from my gynecologist who originally prescribed it to me and this was a doctor and in st. Louis but interestingly now I just my regular doctor prescribed it to me not a gynecologist so that makes it easy because even if I'm here and not seeing a gynecologist here I can just have my regular doctor prescribe it to me what I like about the patch is that you only have to change it once a week and you just pick your change day and you just know like mine's Wednesday so everyone's that you just like you know that's the day you change your patch and you know have just to remember to take it every day and hmm I'm not sure the three there's three patches and then a per month and then a week where you have your it's like patch off week it's just easy to remember and they give you these little stickers that you can put in your calendar and and another set of stickers that you put on the patch themselves so if you forget like whether it's your second or third patch that month you can just look in the back and say my boyfriend is from Milwaukee which is funny because um my whole family's from Milwaukee and I'm grew up in st. Louis so we met here but we were both you read West so it was sort of love a bonding thing the first time we were together he he was just kind of curious and said what's that I don't care you hurt so because it's like a square band-aid sort of looking thing and I was just like well that's my birth control he's like sweet there's nothing special you have to do to stick it on you just it's just like putting on a band-aid tastes slap it on sometimes there's like a little bit of sticky I like around it maybe it's like you're moving around like a lot that that week or something but if whenever like I see like a little bit of sticky or lint I like on the on the outside of it which is not very often I can just like scrape it off in the shower and it does that doesn't make the patch box all off so I guess it's different than a band-aid and then it stays on better my name is Kristen I'm 28 and my birth control method of choice is orthoEvra which is also called the patch

"There's nothing special you have to do—you just slap it on." Kristin has no problem remembering her patch “change day,” but reminds those who do that there are stickers in the box to help stay on track. 

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