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Kelly, 28, The Shot

Well we've been together almost two and a half years and much to many people's bafflement, he's sixteen years older than I am, so I'm 28 and he's 44. But it works out, you know I often joke boys don't mature at the same rate anyway. But it's kind of hilarious because people think I'm like sixteen to look at me, and then he looks about his age so people kind of like what's going on there... you know. It's like I have to wear sign this is I'm legal. In fact, one of his sisters misheard and thought I said I was sixteen at a family reunion and I was like no ma'am. I used depo-provera as my primary birth control. I've been on it for about two and a half years now. I originally started it when I was about 24, and I did it for about a year and then I was single for a while so I went off it because there was really no point. And then the second I started dating someone again I went back and got back on it. The reason I switched from condoms to depo is that I found myself very unexpectedly pregnant at age 23 and I decided right then that I needed a more effective and reliable method of birth control. I was 23 and in no way prepared to have a child, particularly because I don't want them ever much less at 23 in the middle of school, so I went in to get the ru-486 and the doctor suggested depo. He said look in 25 years I've never had someone come to this door needing an abortion he was on depo. The only thing that I'm not real keen on about depo is that it can increase appetite and in my case it definitely did. I found myself just being a little hungrier the normal or eating a little more when I ate and I started to put on some weight. But then I realized you know what, I'm going to work on this I'm gonna be proactive so I started a diet and exercise and I've lost most of that weight now. I've never had any issues with bone density but I have been warned that it's a possible side effect of using depo, particularly if you're on it more than two years. I think the thing I like most about depo is the reliability, it's one of the most reliable forms of birth control out there, mainly because there's no error in terms of you don't have to remember do something every day. Particularly now that, you know, birth control is pill birth control has become so sensitive that sometimes you have to take it at the same time and whatnot. This is once every three months. You walk in, you get your shot, you're in and you're out. My name is Kelly I'm 28 years old and I use depo-provera.

I needed more effective & reliable birth control.

After experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in her early 20s, Kelly knew she needed better birth control. She started using the shot and has been covered ever since.

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