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I was nervous and I wasn't sure if I could afford any be able to get my birth control and especially want birth control and should not be having children when you're not really sure you know how your financial situation is going to be the next week or the next month but yeah they told me like don't worry just come in and I was able to my appointment for free to you because of the situation I was in and yeah it just was a huge relief when I had to have a lot of stressful things going on it is like one thing that I know that I can count on while I try to get things figured out and things more stable but I do think a lot about like because I live in this area of Missouri and this program is in place I was able to get what I needed and easily I just had a really good experience and I just I wanted to do this partly because it was such a relief and the fact that this was available to me and that I was able to have reliable contraceptives when I needed them was a big deal especially when like things everything else was up in the air and feeling really crazy [Music]

Sloan, 26, Missouri

Sloan, 26, from Missouri, describes how The Right Time health centers make birth control affordable.

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Our partner health centers are focused on you. They provide access to all methods of birth control and free or low-cost birth control to those who need it.