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I think I was just a little surprised by how easy and smooth everything was you know I think a lot of times when you go into new hospitals their doctor's office you're expecting this huge stack of papers asking you all these you know hundreds of questions about but you've done in the past we've done in the few you know what your plans are for the future you know medical record things like that and it was definitely more along the lines of just basic information you know getting to know you and then the doctor and like the nurse kind of took care of the rest you know asking you what your needs were any questions that you had just kind of finding out exactly what you you were looking for at that time and then kind of going from there that was one thing that you know that I like as a woman is being able to have a bunch of different options and then pick what best fits into my lifestyle you know I have a lot of friends that do several different ways of contraceptives that work for them and so for me you know I decided to do the pill just because it's something I've been doing since I was younger very used to it very common like that ability level to get enough control control that like hormone and taken and things like that so so yeah I like the fact that they really geared it towards me and gave me all the options you know they weren't just limited so this is all you can do [Music]    

Pam, 31, Missouri

Pam, 31, from Missouri discusses how everything is “easy and smooth” at The Right Time health centers.

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