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I had a great experience super knowledgeable was really able to step in kind of worked with me on what what different things I wanted for my contraceptive for my birth control and helped it geared towards exactly what I needed versus just like you know writing prescription and sending you on your way [Music] asked a lot of questions about my personal life you know obviously not invasive or anything but just to get to better know like what I was looking for in my routine was I looking for something that I took daily that I would be able to keep maintain and continue through that I walked in we sat down kind of talked about what was going on what I needed what my past experiences with birth control were then kind of went through like different options of having like birth control and discussed like you know an IUD and I talked about some of my friends having an IUD talked about you know the pill and the different levels that we could do for me it was important that I didn't want to miss a period or things like that because something that I like to track just for my own health knowledge and then you know we talked about maybe doing something with less hormones for me I wanted something in the middle range and so she was definitely able to be like yeah we we can do a prescription for you here provided me with the name so that you know if I had any questions wanted to do any research as well as they were able to set me up with three months right off the bat and then kind of set up a date where I could come in and refill and get all of that done they're walking into maybe a situation where they're not covered by health insurance so they're not really sure how they're gonna be viewed and so yeah it was just a very like normal experience very pleasant answered all the questions that I could possibly have and then just walked out you    

Pam, 31, Missouri

Pam, 31, from Missouri describes how providers at The Right Time health center helped her find a method that works for her.

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