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I really didn't know much of what to expect I was going really to find out more information and I was shocked to learn that you could really get same-day services I actually chose to delay so that I could do a bit more research after the conversation I had with my practitioners which was informative and on the day that my appointment was scheduled for contraception I actually changed my mind and that was encouraged as well so I had a really wonderful experience the the nuts and bolts of the actual procedure were seamless the care that I received in terms of bedside manner it was also just really it was friendly it was it was I didn't feel like I was talking to strangers or like I was working with people who thought XYZ about me I did feel very well supported I felt that any option that I chose was available to me and accessible I felt that I could do whatever it was that I chose to do and again at each at each stage so I came in with one thing in mind I was considering an IUD and after having a few conversations about my other personal practices it wasn't quite in a line in alignment with that choice and so I made a different choice and that was really great [Music] I was extremely anxious about seeking out honestly any type of healthcare under this current system because I have no idea whether or not even if at face value I'm presented with something I have no idea what the bill is actually going to result in if if they had laid out a plan for me that was costly I would be moving on to you know another solution so the fact that I mean it just made it accessible point-blank I wouldn't have been able to receive these services [Music]    

Maesha, 25, Missouri


Maesha, 25, from Missouri describes how The Right Time health centers offer friendly, same-day services and birth control.

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Our partner health centers are focused on you. They provide access to all methods of birth control and free or low-cost birth control to those who need it.