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so I don't have any insurance so when I heard about the right time initiative I thought it was the best program I'm especially because it's for birth control and that's when I was mainly coming in for you know some people don't think that pregnancies are planned but I do and I would like to plan my so that's why I wanted to get on the shot and that's what I got on and I spoke to the lady at the front desk which was very nice and then she also introduced me to their education coordinator her name is Erica she was really really nice she's the one that told me all about the program and she got me signed up and all the different methods that they had and I chose the depo because I've been on it before so I chose that and I actually got it the same day so that's what really made me happy about the program I came right on time for the right time [Music] and I just thought it was great that I could just walk in speak to the nurse you know leave my urine sample and do whatever I had to do and just get that shot the same day without having to you know make another appointment cuz it's a hassle I have stuff to do I have to make an appointment then maybe I can't make it or I have to reschedule or I mean anything could happen but just walking in and being able to get it right then in there just that's the best

Danielle, 30, Missouri

Danielle, 30, from Missouri describes that at The Right Time health centers not having insurance is not a problem.

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Our partner health centers are focused on you. They provide access to all methods of birth control and free or low-cost birth control to those who need it.