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The Ring (NuvaRing): Testimonials

Right now I’m a hostess because my life is a little bit hectic and we all need money. But what I want to do is, I want to pursue modeling in the future. When I first got the NuvaRing, I was with my gynecologist and I was just given a sample. And you know, I went home and I took it and I showed my mom, and I was like, “What the hell is this? Like, what do I do?” I mean, I know that the gynecologist said, “Oh, yeah, you just stick it in your vag, let it sit there for three weeks, and then you have to take it out at the end of the three weeks.” I was like, “Yeah, I’ll just give it a try and see.” And you know, I went into the bathroom and I was sitting there looking at it. Took it out of the package, like bending it and, you know, pulling on it to see if it breaks or anything like that. And then, you know, you look down at your crotch and you’re wondering, is this going to fit in there? Is it going to feel weird? Is it going to move around? Am I going to notice it? So then I took it, and I think the first time I – because I mean, now that I had it down to a science as to how to get it in, you know, I’m like a genius. But when I first got it I had absolutely no idea how to put it in. So like, I was like on the toilet, squatting, and then I was like holding it, just like, you know how it is, in the ring form and then trying to get it in like that. And then I was trying to squeeze it. It kept sliding through my fingers. That’s why I came up with the twist method because it helps keep it in its form and slides in there really easily. But when I first got it, I had to like squeeze it like this, and I had to like pry my vag open with my fingers and like shove it in there. It was a little awkward. But I got it in there, and it was in there and I walked around. When I came out, I was like, “Mom, it’s in.” And then she was like, “That’s great.” I like the NuvaRing because I don’t even notice it’s there, ever, and it’s like a little invisible secret protection plan that I’m on that I never realize is going on in my body, which is cool. The only thing is you have to remember in three weeks to take it out. But they give you those cute little stickers that you can stick on your calendar, like Put it in, take it out; put it in, (whispers) take it out. When I take it out, I just do kind of like a fish hook kind of thing, and I just hook my finger in there and just drag it out and then place it in the little disposable plastic, I don’t know, package they give you to dispose of your NuvaRing when you’re done with it. I’ve been told that when we’re having sex that he can sometimes feel the NuvaRing in there. And I’m like, oh, does it feel cool? Is it like erotic? But I guess sometimes it’s a little annoying. I don’t know, but I mean, you can always, they say on the package, you can always take the NuvaRing out while you’re having sex, just as long as you remember to put it back in. Hi. I’m Theresa. I’m 21, and I use the NuvaRing as birth control.

Theresa, 21, The Ring

It's like a little invisible secret protection plan that I'm on.

The first time Theresa used the ring, she was a little unsure how to insert it. But now she’s a pro, with a twist method to get it in and a fishhook move to get it out. No sweat.

She also uses the stickers that come with each ring to remind her when one went in (twist…) and when it needs to come out (hook…).

The Ring Testimonials

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