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The Ring (NuvaRing): Testimonials

I think planning everything is really an important factor, because – especially with planning kids because I know sometimes if you have kids maybe too early in a relationship, it could mean some bad things. Or you might not be ready. One person may be ready, the other person may not be ready. So I just love the fact that we’re able to plan everything so there’s no surprises or anything like that and we can live life the way we want to. I’ve tried so many birth controls since high school that I never thought I would find a birth control for me. I actually gave up a couple of times, because I just felt like, oh, I can’t take the pill, so there’s no other options. But there’s really a lot of options. I found out about the NuvaRing because I was just looking through all my options for birth control because I was just using the withdrawal method, which isn’t a reliable method at all. And I was thinking to myself, you know, I mean, I could have a kid right now if – you know, because we could slip up, you know. And it’s really possible for us to have a kid, and I don’t feel like I’m ready. What I like about NuvaRing is that I don’t have to take it every day like a pill. I could just put it in and forget about it for three weeks and then take it out for one week. It works for me because I’m not good with remembering things every day. It’s easy to insert. I guess one of the – that was bothering me when I first started, because I was nervous about putting it in myself and taking it out myself. I was under the illusion that things could get lost, you know, in there. But no, you know, it’s easy to take out. Once I conquered my fear of it getting lost inside of me it became really easy and I really enjoyed it, because you know, it gives me a lot more freedom. I remember to change the NuvaRing by having a reminder on my phone for every three weeks. And then I also have a paper calendar in my room, or I mark the day I put the NuvaRing in and then I mark three weeks from that date to take it out. And then I mark a week from the date I take it out to put it back in. As I practiced it in, I became more comfortable and confident. Then it became very easy inserting the NuvaRing and taking it out by myself, and now I love the NuvaRing. My name is Nicole. I am 20 years old, and I use NuvaRing.

Nicole, 20, The Ring

I never thought I'd find a birth control for me.

Nicole tried a bunch of different birth control methods—and almost gave up more than once—before finding the right fit with the ring.

She was nervous at first, afraid that “things could get lost in there.” But she gave it a go, and now finds it easy to use and knows a ring won’t go where it shouldn’t.

The Ring Testimonials

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