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The Ring (NuvaRing): Testimonials

I’m a student, and I study international relations and law and human rights. So I’m pretty occupied with that, and I also work at a health spa. It’s much easier using the NuvaRing over the pill. You don’t have to think about it every day I write in my calendar, you know, the day that I need to take it out, and then seven days later I write I need to put it back in – you know, get a new one and put it back in. And if you, you know, mess up for a day or two, it’s got the, like the estrogen and everything in it, so it’s not going to like completely throw off your cycle. And you can also if you want to skip a period, you can also just like take it out and put a new one right in immediately, and you’ll just, you know, skip a period just like on the pill where you can skip the sugar pills or whatever. But it’s just the convenience of dealing with it, you know, one time every 30 days versus every single day. And then it definitely – I mean, the pill regulated my periods. But the NuvaRing cut back my periods so, you know, basically having a semi-heavy flow two days a week versus for – I mean two days a month versus, you know, five full days. I really probably have like a day or two days of spotting, and then a day to two days of heavier flow So it’s just a huge difference in, you know, what my periods are actually like. The NuvaRing is about the same size as a hair-tie. It has a lot of give, and so you can basically kind of bend it into any shape. It doesn’t stay. It’ll go back into the circle shape, but it bends. So I kind of pinch it in the middle so it kind of looks like an 8, and you insert it vaginally kind of like a tampon. And it literally, once you insert it, it goes right in and you never feel it again until you take it out. And it’s the same way – I mean, removing it you kind of have to stick your fingers inside your vagina, but it’s – it’s really simple. It can’t go like too far up, and it – I’ve never had a problem with it falling out. And, you know, I work out. I do plenty of very active things, and never had any problems with it. The NuvaRing has come out during sex. It’s only happened once or twice. I – definitely the majority of the times that I’ve had sex with the NuvaRing in, it doesn’t come out and there’s no problems. But once or twice it has fallen out, and I just take it and set it on the bedside table, and then afterward just clean it off, because I know that I can have it out for up to three hours without any problems. So it wasn’t really a big deal. My name is Alexandria, and I’m 21 years old. And I use the NuvaRing.

Alexandria, 21, The Ring

It's really simple—it can't go too far up.

Alexandria moved from the pill to the ring and has good things to say about the switch. She’s got shorter periods now and prefers dealing with birth control once a month instead of once a day.

For the most part, once the ring is in, it’s in. A couple of times, though, it’s come out of Alexandria during sex. When that happens, she just puts it on the bedside table til they’re done knocking boots. Then she rinses it off and pops it back in when they’re done. As long as it’s not out more than 3 hours during each cycle, she’s covered the whole time.

The Ring Testimonials

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