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The Pill: Testimonials

I’m Cuban. And – even though I don’t look it. But I’m Cuban-American, and my parents are very, very, very, very, very, extremely Cuban. They live in Miami, thinking it’s still Cuba. To this day, my mother will tell me, “The sky here is different than in Cuba. In Cuba, it’s more – it’s much nicer. Here, no.” I’m like, “Mom, then why did you move to this country?” She’s like, “’Cause. To relieve Castro.” And I’m like, “Oh.” So then that whole conversation goes back and forth. But always has been, “If you ever bring” – I’m translating in English, because in Spanish it’s way funnier – (speaks in Spanish) – meaning, “If you ever decide to bring a stomach into this house, you’re going to see what’s good for you.” It’s just funnier in Spanish. And that basically traumatized me all through my high school years, so I never had sex. The birth control that I’m using right now is called TriNessa. They’re birth control pills. They’re basically the 28-day formula. You know, you take it Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday .... A lot of people are like, “How do you remember?” I’m like, “I just remember.” You just wake up, and then like – some people like wake up and just need their coffee. I just need to have my pill. Same thing. You don’t wake up and then be like, “Oh, I forgot to drink my coffee.” No! How do you forget to drink your coffee? People just wake up and drink their coffee. I don’t drink coffee. I have to take my pill. With the health care company insurance – though the pills, basically, I went to a gynecologist, and – I like TriNessa because of the way it’s been working for me. Because before I didn’t have insurance and I was going through Planned Parenthood, and then they gave me the TriNessa. My name is Jane. I’m 27 years old. And I’m currently using TriNessa birth control pill.

Jane, 27, The Pill

I just NEED to have my pill.

A fear of getting pregnant—of bringing “a stomach” into her mother’s house—kept Jane from having sex when she was younger. Eventually she realized there were other ways to avoid pregnancy. She chose the pill.

Wondering how she remembers to take it every single day? It goes a little something like this: You wake up and need your coffee? Not Jane. She wakes up and needs her pill. Simple as that.

The Pill Testimonials

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