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The Patch: Testimonials

I’m Dominican, so I grew up – you know, it’s a big family, and we like to go dancing and have fun. That’s pretty much it. And spend time with my siblings. I’m on the patch. That’s the birth control method I chose. I found out about it, honestly, by TV, an ad. And the reason why I looked into it, it was because my life is very busy. For me to remember to take a pill every day is going to be impossible. Unless I have a reminder on my phone, and even with a reminder, I can’t do it like right that second. What I like about it is that I just use it once a week, and I just – you know, you put it – I put it here just because it’s easier for me, I guess, and I see it, so I’m like, “Yeah, I put it on!” Sundays are – I call them my “me day.” I do my pedicure, my manicure. It’s my days to get my hair done. And so it’s just like, hey, I need to take care of that, too! (Laughs) So that’s why it’s easy for me just to include it in my Sunday routine. I used to get really bad cramps, and actually I don’t get them as often as I used to. My cramps were really bad. I used to take prescriptions for – for them. And since my period has been regulated and I’ve been on it – I do get them if – not like every month. Like sometimes I can – just maybe the first day, and then I’m – I’m good to go. But before, I used to be like from the day that I got my period to that last day that it ended, I used to be like in chronic pain. And that doesn’t happen anymore. I like the patch because it’s – I just wear it once a week. It stays on. I can see it that it’s on, so it reminds me that it’s on. Even though the color, it’s very light on my skin tone, still it’s like a neutral color. It’s discreet. It’s not like neon. I still use condoms. It’s just because, you know, the birth control protects you against pregnancy, but there’s still a lot of other things out there that you just need to protect yourself from. So double protected can never hurt. (Laughs) My name’s Angela. I’m 24, and I use the patch.

Angela, 24, The Patch

Sunday is "me" day: mani, pedi, hair, and patch.

Angela wears the patch where she can see it and changes it as part of her Sunday routine. And she still uses condoms for STIs—being “double protected can never hurt.”

The Patch Testimonials

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