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Spermicide: Testimonials

I work full time at a local biotech company. I have four – I’m married with four children and one on the way. And my typical day is usually getting the kids to school, going to work, and doing after-school activities with them. So when I started having sex, we just used the condom. And sometime not too long after that, a year or two along the way, we heard about the foam, and I thought it was a really good way of backing up the condom, because we’ve heard stories about condoms breaking, and at that point we didn’t want to have children so young. We were just teenagers, so as a backup we started to use the foam and the condom together. We knew that we wanted to have our kids back-to-back so they’d be close and be able to play with each other and keep each other company. We had three daughters in a row, and then I wanted to take a break. So we started using condoms and spermicidal foam for a few years until we decided to have my son, and then we just stopped using it. And I got pregnant right away. No problem with fertility. My husband’s in charge of buying both the condoms and the foam. If we know we’re going to have sex, then we put the foam and the condom right near the bed. But if it’s like a spur of the moment type thing, it’s still in the closet, and sometimes during the heat of the moment we have to stop and he has to go get it. I don’t personally like to put things inside of my body. So for that reason, I have never personally used a tampon or put the applicator inside my body. And so since I’m uncomfortable, my husband does it for me, puts the foam in. I trust condoms and foam as my method because there is no hormone involved and it doesn’t interrupt or alter the natural female cycle. My name is Marisela. I’m 29, and my form of protection is condoms and spermicidal foam.

Marisela, 29, Spermicide

He's in charge of buying the condoms and the foam.

Parents of four with one on the way, Marisela and her husband have been together since they were teens. They’ve always planned to have a big family, but they’ve also always used birth control when they weren’t trying to get pregnant.

They started out using condoms and soon after added spermicide to the mix. It’s a combination that has worked well for them and allowed them to space their kids exactly as planned.

Marisela doesn’t like putting anything inside her body, so her husband is responsible for inserting the spermicide’s applicator. He’s also in charge of buying all the condoms and spermicide. It’s a team effort, for sure, and we say: Go team!

Spermicide Testimonials

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