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Spermicide: Testimonials

I had always heard about spermicide as a method of birth control. I had just never tried it, because I was so used to being on the pill for so long. The reason I switched from the pill to the condoms and the spermicide is because the pill was making me bigger. Like I’d gotten well over 240 pounds, and my breasts had gotten extremely big. And I went on a diet, and everything was getting smaller except my breasts. So my back starting hurting and that’s when I went to the doctor. And they told me to stop using the pill, and they switched me to the condoms and the spermicide. The spermicide foam is similar to the yeast infection medication that you can get at the store. You just put the applicator inside your vagina, you know, the – you push it, and the gel, the foam, comes out. And then you wait 10, 15 minutes before you have intercourse. I usually put the spermicide in when he calls and says, “I’m on my way over,” because he doesn’t live that far from me. I don’t think he needs to know what I use as far as birth control unless he tells me okay. Because I think it’s just natural for guys to say, “You need to go get put on the pill,” or you know, something along that line. So that – the spermicide is just private for me, something I do. My last relationship was abusive, so I didn’t like – if he found out that I had put on the condom, it was bad. I became very creative in that relationship (laughs). So I would go to the store and I’d buy like lubricant and I’d buy the spermicide and the foam. I would squeeze, you know, the foam in and put it in, and then with the lube, I would squeeze out some of the lube to make him think that that’s what I was putting inside. He already had a lot of kids, and so I knew like the chances of me getting pregnant by him were really high. So I just used it as my protection and he thought it was lubricant. So I let him believe it was the lubricant and didn’t tell him anything else, and it was just safe for me. My name’s Courtney. I’m 28, and the methods that I use are condoms and spermicide.

Courtney, 28, Spermicide

The spermicide is just something that I do for me.

Courtney used to be on the pill, but was advised to go off of it when her breasts grew to the point of causing back pain. Her doctor suggested condoms and spermicide instead, and that combo has kept her protected since.

Courtney got really good at using spermicide when in an abusive relationship. That guy didn’t want her to use condoms, but she could still use spermicide without him knowing.

Now she has a partner that will use condoms, but she still uses spermicide for herself. She puts it in when he’s on his way to her house and she’s ready to go when he gets there. It’s extra protection that puts her at ease.

Spermicide Testimonials

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