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Spermicide: Costs, How To Use


This method may be free or low-cost for you at The Right Time health centers. If you are paying out of pocket—for gel, jelly, inserts, film, or foam—they are comparable in availability and cost and you’re likely to find it at a nearby store. Generally speaking, spermicides costs between 60 cents and $3 per dose, or about $8-$15 per kit.

How To Use

Every type of spermicide is different, and there are a lot of them available. So be sure to read the instructions on the packaging and check the expiration date. For the most part, though, you simply insert the spermicide with your fingers or with an applicator, just like you’d insert a tampon.

After insertion, some spermicides require that you wait ten minutes before having sex. These types of spermicide are also only effective for a single hour after you put them in—so you have to get the timing right.

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