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"Not Right Now": Costs, How To Use


Not having sex doesn't cost a thing!

How To Use

Don’t have vaginal sex.

If you make a deliberate decision to not have vaginal sex, it’s a choice you’ll need to affirm each and every day. To stick with it, keep reminding yourself why you choose to not have vaginal sex and think about the potential consequences of changing your decision. And if you decide to start having sex, that’s totally cool, too. Just make sure you’re protected with another form of birth control.

Other helpful hints:

  • Avoid putting yourself in situations where it’ll be hard to stick to your decision.
  • Think about avoiding alcohol and drugs as well—they can mess with your judgment.
  • Find people you can talk to about your decision and lean on their support.
  • Talk about your decision with your partner well before you’re in the heat of the moment.
  • Be totally straightforward and clear with him about your limits.
  • Explore other sexual options you might enjoy just as much.
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