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Implant (Nexplanon): Testimonials

My day to day life is, I wake up in the morning, take my daughter out for a walk and then we’ll eat breakfast, clean a little, and if I have to take her to doctor appointments, I do. Or if I have free time, we’ll go to the park. That’s basically my life right now. After she was born I was on the Depo shot. When I first started using the Depo it was fine for me. But then I had to go like every three months, and after the first three months, I missed one of the shots because I didn’t have somebody to come with me and take care of my daughter. So it was more hard for me to use Depo. Then they introduced me to Implanon, which was a three-year thing, and it fits perfectly in my schedule because every three years I can have somebody to take care of my daughter. And the next three years, she’ll be probably like five and a half, so she’ll already be in kindergarten and somebody would have her while I’m getting the Implanon. Implanon made me gain weight, because before I was weighing about 104 and now I’m at 115. Ever since I got the Implanon, I’m gaining weight. It – it does make me a little more hungry and makes me want to eat more. But that’s not a problem for me, because I wanted to gain weight before. I think I will have more sex more freely, because not having to worry if the – the pills are not working. And since the – since it’s the Implanon, I know that it’s working, since I haven’t got pregnant since February until now, October. Me and my boyfriend talk about having more kids, but I told him we would have to wait, like in 15 years, once I had graduated from college, had like two years into working with my career. And I chose that because I want to have like a better life for my kid, so I want us to have like saved money and give them what they want. I like the Implanon because it’s an every three-year thing, and my sex life has also been better ever since I got the Implanon. There is not much risk for it. And also like it made me gain weight. The only side effect that I get from it is not having my period, which is a good thing for me. I’m Rosa. I use Implanon for birth control, and I’m 21 years old.

Rosa, 21, Implant

A "three-year thing" fits perfectly in my schedule.

Rosa, mother of a 2 year old, has side effects from the implant. But you know what? She’s happy about all of them. No periods. Better sex. And weight gain. Yep, that last one’s a plus for her, too.

Implant Testimonials

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