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Implant (Nexplanon): Testimonials

I work part-time as an administrative assistant at a nonprofit organization in San Francisco. Also, I’m a college student at San Francisco State University. I’m working on my master’s degree in education and I’ll be finished this semester, and hopefully, next semester working on a doctorate in educational leadership at San Francisco State. And also I’m a single mother, which is full time (laughs). I got pregnant as the result of the withdrawal method. I should have been using condoms. I know I should have. In this day and age, we should all practice safe sex. But, you know, everybody slips sometimes. And my son’s father, he promised that he would pull out before he came in me, and he did not. He didn’t pull out when he was supposed to, and as a result, I got pregnant. The current birth control method that I’m on is called Implanon. And it’s a new device that just came out on the market I believe two or three years ago. And you have to have it surgically inserted into your arm. I had it surgically put in my arm at the Planned Parenthood in Oakland, and I was the first person at the Planned Parenthood in Oakland to have the Implanon. They put like some medicine on me so that it wouldn’t hurt, and it’s like this rod that they inserted in my arm. And you can see the mark right here, and you can see it moving. They’ll remove it in three years and put another one on. Although I don’t have a boyfriend now and I haven’t been having sex in a while – it’s been about six months – but you never know. Maybe one of my ex-boyfriends may call and, you know, I may want to do something. So just in case, you know, I decide to do something and be a bad girl, you know, I’ll be prepared. Since I’ve gone on the Implanon, I haven’t had a period in a year and a half. And that is so good because I used to have really bad cramps and bad PMS. And I’ve had the Implanon for – yeah, a year and a half, and I haven’t had a period since. So that’s like really, really wonderful, too. You know, I’m a very busy person. I work, I go to school, I’m a single mom, and I just don’t have time every day to take the pill or run to the doctor every three months to get a shot. The Implant is just perfect for me. My name is Kyesha. I’m 29 years old, and my current birth control method is Implant.

Kyesha, 29, Implant

I don't have a boyfriend now, but you never know.

Kyesha, a single mother who works and goes to school, talks about how the implant fits her busy life and keeps her prepared, just in case….

Implant Testimonials

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