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Implant (Nexplanon): Testimonials

PMDD stands for premenstrual dysphoric disorder which is like PMS times a million so you get bloating and gassy and extreme load swings and migraines that can actually make you black out and heavy heavy bleeding and can actually cause you to become anemic and there's just a bunch of stuff that's just not comfortable to deal with and I was on birth control and it was helping a little bit but my I went to my gynecologist for my yearly pap screaming and we were talking about different birth control options because I was tired of the mundane day and day out you know you have to take the pill and she suggested that I use either the NuvaRing or the Implanon and she gave me a pamphlet on both and I read both pamphlets and I went through each of the symptoms and side effects and how it works and I decided that the inplant on was easier to use and you know better for my situation was a similar hormone to the birth control that I was already on so switching just made it that much she gets here I don't have a period anymore I have had one migraine that was allergy related I my knee Mia's improved I don't get anxiety I don't get mood swings I haven't bloated except for Mexican food but that was it so it's completely almost eradicated my PMD be entirely thankful Mons there all the time 24/7 so that gives us a 24/7 window that we can you know be intimate wherever we want to be intimate and whatever because we're not held back by the pill anymore it's just influenced just right there it's always there it's like a security blanket I was just tired of taking the pills every day and having to worry about whether or not I had them on vacation or if I didn't have them on vacation I don't have to worry about you know if I missed one what's gonna happen with this it's always constant it's the same thing every day nothing changes so hormone levels are the same all the time so and I actually don't even have to worry about a period anymore so and I was I was always really regular 5 to 7 days really heavy so this is actually really it's a nice break I'm moving to Arizona in December actually to recognize these my family and now that I'm on the Implanon I don't have to worry about fighting a new pharmacist finding a new gynecologist but so that I can get the prescription for the monthly pills and I don't have to do the whole pap smear thing again for a while and now that I'm on the Implanon you know I have time to take care of getting to a gynecologist you know I don't have to rush that's not the first thing I have to do when I move there my name is Ashley I'm 19 and I use Implanon for my birth control

Ashley, 19, Implant

It's there all the time, like a security blanket.

Before the implant, Ashley had “PMS times a million.” Now the migraines and mood swings are gone. Plus, the implant is always there so she’s ready to go—if you know what we mean—any ol’ time. 24-7.

Implant Testimonials

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