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Implant (Nexplanon): Testimonials

my name is ali I'm currently 17 years old almost 18 and I'm right now on the Nexplanon I'm currently a senior in high school and I work in an ice cream shop five days a week which is a lot I'm really involved in the programs at my school with their special needs program I'm also in a group called shape which stands for sexual health and AIDS awareness peer education so we go into middle school and high school classrooms and we teach comprehensive sex ed so Iwas started out on the pill which I didn't like that much and I actually went to the local clinic and I started talking with one of their providers but i decided to go with the Nexplanon which is the one that goes in your arm the reason I chose it was because one its long-lasting I like to know that it's still working inside me so being able to just feel it every now and then a super like reassuring so I went with my mom because she's very supportive and loving like that it was about a three minute procedure all they do is they numb your arm they choose the less dominant arm and they numb it they kind of just I didn't watch this part is like that but my mom just said that it was kind of like a little it was just like a shot that goes in and they put a band-aid over and then you're done it was like super fast super easy and super awesome to have control over my body because I tried methods before and it didn't work and it didn't work and then I found this one and I'm like I love it and there's not really anything I don't like any implant once you get something implanted it can be a little sore for a couple of days and I was really worried it was going to be noticeable but its literally, it's under my skin and unless you feel something unless you feel my arm it's not noticeable at all to be conscious we do use I do use condoms in addition to my implant because it does not protect against STIs. really just being in charge of your sex life I think is so important having communication with your partner is key that's what we say communication with your partner is key to having a healthy sex life

Ali, 17, Implant

It was super fast, super easy.

Ali didn’t love her experience with the pill, so after talking with her health care provider, she decided to try the long-lasting Nexplanon implant instead. Now, she can’t find anything she doesn’t like about her birth control.

Ali likes that the implant isn’t noticeable but she can still feel for it in her arm to know it’s working. The insertion procedure was quick and easy with just a little soreness for a few days after. Best of all? Ali loves the sense of control over her own body she’s gotten from finding the right method for her.

Implant Testimonials

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