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Emergency Contraception: Testimonials

One of the things I’m really proud of is my daughter. She helps me more for myself and for her. She motivates me. I am currently on the Ring, but as a backup I use the emergency pill. How I know that I need to take that emergency pill is when I forget to insert the Ring. I do keep the emergency pill on hand. Kaiser usually gives you an extra emergency pill for you to keep. I usually keep that in the bathroom. To get the emergency pill, I do travel to Kaiser’s pharmacy, because it’s cheaper. I have health insurance there, so it’s usually like $15, $16. But if I go to Walgreen’s it’s a lot more expensive, it’s more than $50. Since being on the Ring, I’ve used the emergency pill five times. My name is Cindia. I am 25 years old, and I use the Ring as birth control and I also use the emergency pill as backup.

Cindia, 25, Emergency Contraception

I'm on the ring, but as back up, I use the emergency pill.

Cindia uses the ring as her main form of birth control. But when she has sex after putting her ring in late, she uses emergency contraception as a back-up method.

Cindia likes to keep an extra pack of emergency contraception in the bathroom. That way, it’s right on hand if she needs it.

Emergency Contraception Testimonials

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