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Condom: Testimonials

i'm the first person in my family to go to college and that's a big big thing for everyone in my family and me I'm 24 right now I'm not trying to settle down and you know have kids and everything I'm in school still so basically right now I'm just looking for you know dating companionship you know sort of a friend what I like about condors is that they aren't a hormonal thing I I was raised very naturally like you know homeopathic medicine and things like that so the the contraceptives like the pill and like the patch you know the ortho ever patching those kind of things they give you hormones I've always kind of been like a logical person like you know I'm I feel like okay yeah sex is great but having a child is not you know I don't want to have a child so I know okay if I have sex I might have a child and I'm going to try to do everything I can to prevent that like I feel like I you know I'm not a I guess most people are very instant gratification kind of people but I'm like who let's think about what we're doing here like you don't want a child I don't want a child so let's make sure we don't so I feel like it should be very easy for everyone but I guess that's just me if guys kind of pushing me to not to have sex without a condom I feel like the only time I'm going to have sex is with a condom so if you don't want to have a condom then we just don't have to have sex I'm not trying to have a child anytime soon so it's very easy for me to remember like I I never actually understood people were like oh I you know the heat of the moment I forgot I'm like there's no heat that hot for me to forget to use a condom it's quite easy Bruce you know second drawer on the left get one thanks it's no no problem my name is Ramaiah I'm 24 and I use condoms

Ramiyah, 23, Condoms

Forget one in the moment? There is no heat that hot.

For Ramiyah, it’s all very logical: sex is fun. Sex can lead to pregnancy. If you want to have sex and don’t want to have a pregnancy, birth control always needs to be part of the equation.

Ramiyah prefers to use condoms as her method of birth control. What if the guy doesn’t have one? Not a problem. Ramiyah does. What if a guy wants her to have sex without one? That’s easy, too. They won’t be having sex. Because she’s done the math and the only way it’s going down is with the addition of a condom.

Condom Testimonials

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