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Condom: Testimonials

i'm evan, i'm 30 and right now i'm practicing abstinence but i also use condoms if i'm having sex. i live in hollywood and i spend my time i mostly into music and into writing and so those two overlap sometimes. and i'm also like a graphic artist. i do graphic design sometimes. i'm female to male transgender and i'm basically looking to get the top surgery done but right now i've been on hormones for two years, testosterone. my first year was using the gel and like right now i'm i'm doing shots. currently i'm not in a relationship but there's there's someone that i really really like and there's a lot of people that i think are hot. i'm just kind of dropped out of the scene to be honest. i'm like more like just waiting for that one special person that i like. i'm just not interested a lot of the time which is kind of like that's due to my own issues, like i have depression, i have anxiety so low sex drive is part of that. even being on testosterone which is supposed to give me a high sex drive, but it's it's sort of like low sex drive, so abstinence works for now. but in the future it might not. if you're female to male and you're on testosterone, you're generally very unlikely to get pregnant. but there's also, there is the slim chance that you don't know that you're still ovulating and you don't know until it's too late. so that's why it's always a good idea to wear a condom anyway and now also there's still a risk of sexually transmitted infections, which is definitely a good reason to wear one. as for the conversations that i've had with partners, i've basically been like, that i've basically been like just hoping that they do the right thing but at the same time i'm like if somebody's like, well i want to do it there i'm not i'm firmly of the belief of just no. basically if somebody isn't listening to your needs, if somebody isn't listening if somebody isn't responsible enough to protect themselves and you, if somebody isn't listening to what you say or what you want, then are you sure you want to have a relationship with them in the first place? it's like there's so many other efficiency and there's plenty of people that will listen to you and that will go with what you need to know with what you need to do to be safe. condoms are pretty much available at any drugstore, any sex store, any any place that you can go that pretty much even like even convenience stores have condoms. pretty much anywhere like you can even get them for free like if you go to the lgbt center's medical office they have them in a jar, you can pick them up for free. if i'm buying condoms i'd buy them at a drugstore with a probably with a self-checkout because it's kind of embarrassing a little bit. but self-checkouts help with that. if you're female to male transgender and you're having vaginal sex you really do need to consider birth control and then otherwise you need to consider your other options, whether they be abstinence, whether they be other sexual acts, whether they be anything. everybody has different approaches to everything and that regards being transgender if replies that regards birth control itvregards pretty much everything. everything is personal and that's the most important thing to consider get free or low cost birth control at a nearby the right time health center in missouri. no insurance? no problem visit the for more information.

Evan, 30, Condoms and Not Right Now

Everything is personal, and that's the most important thing to consider.

Evan is transgender, currently practices abstinence (a.k.a. “not right now”), and uses condoms when sexually active. You’ll appreciate Evan’s honesty on everything from how to buy condoms with minimal embarrassment to how transitioning hormones affect sex drive and mood.

Condom Testimonials

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