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Condom: Testimonials

I work at the library. I put books away. I worked there for like two years now. I also am going to school full time to be a nurse. I’m going to the community college right now, in the process of transferring, and I would like to work in women’s health. I got pregnant, unfortunately, a year ago. And during that time I didn’t have to take anything because I was pregnant. So – but once everything was taken care of, I decided to stop taking the pill just altogether, because I had obviously not been using it correctly and didn’t trust myself to continue to. So I decided to use something that was more effective for me, and that was the spermicidal condoms, because they’re easier for me to remember to use. I like to keep the condoms in the – like bedside table, just right there so that it’s- we don’t have an excuse. You know, when you have to use it, it’s right there. Like you don’t have to run around and try to find them. And that’s really how I – I make sure that it gets used. If I ever have to deal with that situation where someone wouldn’t want to wear a condom, I am a lot older now and more confident. So I don’t have trouble telling them what they need to do for me (laughs). I just decided to do the condoms because it’s easier, it’s more – it’s cheaper. The only thing I can really think of that I don’t like about the spermicidal condoms is kind of like the “ooh” factor, in the sense that they’re kind of sticky and that kind of thing. But really, it doesn’t matter. The things that I like about the spermicidal condoms are the convenience of it. You just – you can go and buy a pack of them real easy, right up the street. They’re easy to use, you know. They teach you how to do that in school a long time ago. So they’re easy to use, they work. I haven’t had any problems with them. And it’s just – it’s really a matter of convenience and the fact that they work effectively. I’m Emily. I’m 19, and I use spermicidal condoms.

Emily, 19, Condoms

We keep 'em in the bedside table. There's no excuse.

Emily used to use the pill. She wasn’t that good at remembering to take it, though, and eventually got pregnant. After that, she decided to find a method she would remember to use consistently. So she switched to spermicidal condoms.

She loves that they’re convenient, affordable, easy to use, and effective. But they’re only effective because she remembers to use them every time. She says they have no excuse not to because they’re always right there next to the bed. And when they run out, they just head to the store down the street. No prescription necessary. Easy as can be.

Condom Testimonials

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